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Diaper Bag Backpacks - Best Designer Diaper Bags

How to choose the best diaper bag backpack.

Diaper bags are available in a variety of styles, many are shoulder bags, cross-body bags or backpack styles. A backpack changing bag can feel a lot more stable on your back so that when you bend over it doesn’t swing forward like a regular shoulder styled diaper bag. With a backpack style diaper bag you can have both hands free to push a stroller or hold little hands. You can even wear baby in a sling or front pack and still carry your backpack diaper bag comfortably.

convertible jujube diaper bag backpack features

Ju-Ju-Be Convertible Diaper Bag – various designs to choose from.


There are a number of features that you want to look for in all diaper bags that you are researching to buy. Create a list of key features that you will not compromise on and keep that handy while you are looking at websites and reviews. You don’t want to get it wrong and end up stuck with a bag you hate or having to buy a new one. There are good quality backpack changing bags available for a reasonable price. A higher price doesn not always guarantee a superior quality diaper backpack unless you go for a designer diaper backpack as they have a brand to live up to and a review about poor quality will be bad publicity. Always check and online sellers refund policy as often you can only return an item¬† if it faulty not because you changed your mind.¬† When choosing online remember too that there can be colour variations between monitors, so make sure the cherry red is what you want and not fuschia pink!

Features to look for when choosing the best diaper bag backpack:

  • padded, comfortable straps
  • padded back
  • multiple internal pockets or compartments
  • external pockets
  • insulated pocket(s)
  • change mat
  • wipe clean durable fabric
  • metal feet to keep bag off floors
  • roomy for all baby needs
  • stroller clips
  • value for money

Shoulder straps

Not all diaper bags are created equal. A diaper bag in a backpack style should have comfortable shoulder straps. It can be difficult to judge comfort from online images. Look to see if there is an image of someone wearing the bag in the listing or reviews as this can give you an idea of length down back and distance between straps to see where the bag fits across the back of the wearers neck. The straps should be adjustable for a perfect, comfortable fit for different sized wearers. You may even find the shoulder straps have a mobile phone pocket and a clip/ring to attach a key-ring to.

jujube nautical admiral legacy backpack

Ju-Ju-Be Nautical Diaper Bag Backpack: The Admiral

Padded Back

Comfort is important when carrying all your baby needs on your back. A padded back will help prevent lumpy items from inside digging in your back and causing discomfort. Nothing worse than getting baby all set up in their carrier and you notice something sticking in to a rib or two. The Ju-Ju-Be Nautical bag above has a padded bag and wide, comfortable, adjustable straps for wearer comfort. Check out designs and prices by clicking this link.

Internal Pockets

There should be a good variety of internal pockets so you can organise and separate items. You might want a pocket for wipes/wipe container, a pocket for nappies, one for your phone, purse and keys (although many have key fobs), snacks, creams, medicines, toys etc. Some pockets may be elasticated at the top to hold items in place or they may have a zip. The zip ones are handy for keeping your personal items safe and secure. Elasticated pockets stretch to fit larger items in. The Okkatots backpack diaper bag pictured below has room enough for 16 large diapers as well as everything else! Available in bright red, blue or black.

okkatots baby depot diaper bag backpackExternal Pockets

Pockets on the exterior of the bag can be super handy for those items you want to get to quicly without having to rummage through the roomy interior. Often the insulated pockets are external pockets so you can quickly locate a drink bottle. Baby wipes can be useful to keep in external pockets for quick clean-ups. An external pocket may be a simple mesh for drink bottles or a fully zippered compartment.

Insulated Pockets

An insulated pocket or two will help keep food and drinks warm or cool. You may find that an insulated pocket is removable and can be clipped on to the outside of the bag for easy access. They may be integrated into the interior or exterior or both. Insulated pockets are great for day trips out with baby and/or toddler.

Change Mat

A wipe clean, change mat is an essential feature of the very best diaper bag. Some designs have the change mat sewn in to the main bag in a compartment allowing it be folded out for use and neatly tucked away when finished (or it may have a velcro attachment for easy removal and reattachment). All change mats should be well made from a wipe clean material. Storage may involve folding or rolling the diaper change mat up. They may or not be padded, but either will provide with a clean, dry surface on which to change those many diapers or nappies. There are over 30 designs of the Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy Packpack to choose from on Amazon – pictured below is Lively Lima!

petunia pickle bottom womens boxy backpack lively limaWipe Clean Durable Fabric

A wipe clean fabric is essential on the inside and desirable for the outside for easy clean up of accidents; you know when the diaper rash cream tube explodes all by itself or you tip up the yoghurt container because the lid wasn’t on properly! Often fabrics can be antibacterial too if treated which can help with keeping germs under control. Some diaper bags are machine washable although this is not common. Leather is naturally durable and will last for years, it can be wiped clean easily.

womens vintage backpack leatherMetal Feet

Metal feet and a rigid/supported base to a diaper bag will help to keep the base clean and germ free, particularly useful when using public restrooms or toilets areas which may not be entirely clean.


A roomy bag is great for carrying all baby needs for a day trip out. The bigger the usable space the more children the bag will be able to cope with: multiple sized nappies, changes of clothes and more…especially if you have twins. Be careful not to get one so big that you overload it and end up hurting your back carrying so much around. Internal and external pockets will help organise those roomy interiors so you don’t waste a lot of time searching through a large bag.

pacapod baby diaper bag picos pack denim

pacapod baby diaper bag picos pack black details





Stroller Clips


Stroller clips are a handy accessory for easily attaching a backpack diaper bag to the stroller handles. Often these clips are included – check each design for inclusions – never assume just because they are in the picture they are included as standard. Check the item description for listing details.

Value for Money

You can find the best diaper bag backpack within a huge variety of prices from $20 to $800! Set your budget and have a look to see what is available in your price range, check for special offers and remember to refer to your list of essential features. Lastly, choose a design you will love; remember partners may not be so inclined to carry around a pink diaper backpack bag!